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Galactic Magnate

Play monopoly online! Galactic Magnate is free online multiplayer board game based on classic
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Kresimir Cosic
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6 June 2006

Editor's review

    Galactic Magnate is a multiplayer strategy game which is similar to the classic board Monopoly game.
    To all the monopoly fans here is another very interesting strategy game very similar to monopoly. This is a multiplayer game to be played online against other people where you have to use all your wits to beat the opponent. Few rules of the monopoly have been changed to make this game more interesting and minimizing the impact of luck. As you proceed in the game you will come across numerous strategic choices in buying, upgrading and trading. The game also features auction proceedings where you can place the highest price on auction or you can either just ramp the auction so that the opponent has to pay more. You have to think smartly, quickly and cunningly in order to win and enjoy the game. The game features smooth and visually pleasing full screen graphics and challenging game play.
    The game also features chat rooms, forums and online ranking system to check you progress.

Publisher's description

Galactic Magnate is free online multiplayer board game based on classic monopoly, but a few rules have been changed to emphasize the strategy and make the game more interesting.
Galactic Magnate enables you to play monopoly online against other people all over the world.
Enjoy a game of Galactic Magnate and use your wits to beat the opponents. The game offers numerous strategic choices in buying, upgrading and trading. Will you offer the highest price on auction, or are you just ramping it up so your opponents have to pay more? Its fun and exciting to play against other human players. Play smart, outplay opponents and check your progress on our online ranking system. Trade and buy everything, raise the prices and become a galactic magnate!
* exciting and challenging gameplay
* cunning thinking is required in order to outsmart your enemies and win the game
* online ranking system
* simple to learn and play
* meet and chat online with other players in our chatrooms
* smooth and visually pleasing fullscreen graphics
Have fun playing!
Galactic Magnate
Galactic Magnate
Version 1.11
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